What is it?

In 2014 the government unveiled a right to build scheme, offering a share of £550,000 to 11 vanguard councils. In return for funding, the councils will be required to set up a register of people interested in building their own home through custom or self-building and help identify sites for small developments.

Who’s doing it?

Teignbridge District Council: Allowing 5% of new homes to be custom-build

Teignbridge in south Devon is the first council in the UK to formally adopt a policy on self and custom build. The council was one of 11 vanguard local authorities to champion the right to build. It has launched a custom and self build supplementary planning document after consultation with the community, which expands on self-build plans set out in its local plan. The local plan states that new build sites of more than 20 homes must provide at least 5% of housing plots for sale to custom builders.

In 2014 Teignbridge council gave planning permission to Broadhempston community land trust to develop six self-build eco homes.

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